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 today's orenburg unusual enough city. its current state have defined, first of all, a site and more than two hundred year's history. as we know, the city has been based as a window to asia. 

 after all orenburg should become the third point in an axis st.-petersburg - moscow - orenburg. development not only trading, but also political connections was the purpose of creation of a city. in connection with an important strategic site at imperial board to orenburg it was given particular attention. 

 and with arrival of the soviet power the city has not lost the importance. it is enough to remember, how many orenburg has made for maintenance of a victory of the ussr in days of the great patriotic war. but all as near to the city name was used a word "provincial".

 that represents modern orenburg? in the beginning of xxi century it is the already enough developed city. it is shown in many spheres of life: political, social, cultural, economic. even on international scene a role of orenburg all is more appreciable. 

 in the political plan more and more notable there is an activity of city administration on improvement of position of townspeople. favorably interaction of local and regional levels of the power is reflected in city life. one of the most important directions in political activity of a city administration are relations on strengthening of interethnic and national communications. in a city orthodox churches, muslim mosques, catholic temples operate, the various cultural and religious centres open. 

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City : 5147' 5507' 91,702 thousand in hectare.

Orenburg - the administrative centre of the orenburg region, is located in the centre of a steppe belt of eurasia on merge of ural mountains and sakmary near to border with kazakhstan, and is a link between europe and asia. 

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